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‘Since 2011 Eken has collected the drumheads of well known drummers and transferred the individual beat marks left on the skins to delicate silks, stitch by stitch. The coating of the drumhead is worn off by use, but applied to silk these marks on the paper-like silk material are transformed into something exclusive. The embroideries become images of beats, rhythm, motion, energy and sound. A repetition of someone else’s repetition – an afterbeat. They portray the drummer and are an abstraction from a quite concrete action as frozen imprints of the beat of a whole concert. Over the years, drummers both Danish and foreign from bands like Metallica, Slowdive, Sort Sol, War on Drugs, DAD, The Raveonettes and Radiohead have given Eken their worn drumheads, and now they are presented for the first time as one collected work series. The project raises the repetitive aspect of Rose Eken’s practice to a new, extreme level, and the embroidery is the most time-consuming, nerdy and minutely detailed she has yet embarked on. Equipped with needle and thread she neatly copies the beat marks from drumhead to silk, as a close dialogue between the masculine and the feminine. A swarm of small dots form a pattern and become an individual, abstract portrait of the drummer in question and his or her movements – different and yet interlinked at one and the same time.’

Henriette Noermark : The Notion of the Crowd

Horsens Museum of Art 2018

Love is the Drug ( Munch Gallery, New York, 2013)

Hit The Lights! (Unspeakable Projects, San Fransisco, CA, 2012)

Drumheads (2011 – ongoing)

Paranoid (side A +B) (2011)

Singles (2011)

Gold Album

Little Wing (Jimmy Hendrix’ hand painted Gibson Flying V) 2009

The Fool (Eric Clapton’s hand-painted Gibson SG Fool) 2009

Sampler (2008)

SETLISTS (2008 – ongoing)