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And the Forests Dream Eternally Zine

And The Forests Dream Eternally  Available from V1 Gallery Store


Ceramic Love Songs Zine

Available from V1 Gallery Store

Published by V1 Gallery / Eighteen / Rose Eken January 2021©

Edition of 100
Printed in Denmark
ISBN 978-87-972383-0-1 www.v1gallery.com

All works presented in this zine were exhibited in Eros Unlimited, Eighteen, Copenhagen, in the Fall of 2020 along works by Danielle Orchard (b. 1985, US) and Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989, US).

Spotify Setlist: Eros Unlimited / Ceramic Love Songshttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/50oywgt9riHkyZF13SkPPk?si=IVPnuUzNTI-kJ6M0d2b3NQ

Eros Unlimited
ROSE EKEN, Emma Kohlman, Daniel Orchard
Eighteen, Copenhagen